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            Our Fusion glass is manufactured by heating coloured and
            clear glass together at 1200°F until they start to melt and
            literally fuse together. Although fusing is one of the oldest
            decorative glass techniques known, it is the introduction
            of modern manufacturing equipment and insulated glass
            technologies that allow this stunning style to now be used      Symphony
            effectively in DoorLites.                                       Page 16

            CRYSTAL ART

            Our Crystal Art panels which are manufactured in our
            production facility in Scotland, UK offer all the design
            aesthetics of traditional bevelled glass designs but with
            ‘clear cames’. Not only are these glass panels elegantly
            designed, they are technologically advanced: The resin
            technology used in their manufacture adds incredible            Havana
            break through resistance and is 99% UV blocking.                Page 18

            CRYSTAL CAST

            The stunningly modern ‘slumped’ glass textures of our
            Crystal Cast ranges bring something very different to the
            market at affordable prices. It is our unique resin casting
            system that allows us to make perfect replicas of original
            cast glass and create a finished glass design that is
            indistinguishable from the original but due to its              Serenity                      Laguna
            manufacturing process is incredibly strong.                     Page 20                       Page 22

            ETCH ART

            The contemporary Etch Art designs are a combination of
            sandblasted glass with beautiful Fused or bevelled glass
            elements applied on the surface. This creates a stunning a
            3D design effect. All our Etch Art units are supplied as
            double glazed, insulated glass units with the glass elements
            on the outer surface.                                           Murano                        Sienna
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                                             22 x 11                                               7 x 64
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