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The entrance to your home is important, as first       impression that counts. Using a range of decorative
          impressions really do count! We believe that decorative  glass techniques from classic cames and bevels,
          glass makes a statement that reflects your personal    through to the simple elegance of etched glass and
          taste, style and character. Inspirational, beautiful and  our unique Cast Resin system, we are proud to present
          the ultimate in style, our decorative glass range has  a range of stunning designs that will suit all tastes,
          been created to provide you with a wealth of choice    budgets and homes.
          to enhance your entrance door and create a first

          LEAD ART

          The  Lead Art units a manufactured using a truly unique
          patented technique known as ‘Future Units’. The hand-cut
          Spectrum Glass pieces are bonded to a sheet of tempered
          glass and then finished with RegaLead adhesive lead. This
          creates a truly stunning, double glazed insulated glass unit,
          with the added strength benefits 2 layers of tempered glass.   Dorchester
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          ZINC ART

          Our range of Zinc Art designs incorporate beautiful bevels or
          fused glass tiles against a background of etch-effect glass to
          create stunning contemporary designs. The glass elements
          are all hand-cut and outlined with fine zinc cames and then
          encapsulated inside a high performance insulated glass unit.
          The two designs we have selected for the Canadian market       Reflections                   Modena
          are truly unique and unlike anything else currently available.  Page 8                       Page 10

          Our Alu-Came units are a modern alternative to the more
          commonly used Zinc Art technique. Made with a combination
          of weldless, chrome finish, aluminum cames and a range of
          contemporary patterned glass, offset with hand cut clear
          glass bevels. The Alu-Came ranges are particularly well suited
          to contemporary doors and combine beautifully with our         Horizon                       Element
          Urban frame system.                                            Page 12                       Page 14

          Door and Sidelite Styles

          22 x 64           22 x 48           22 x 36           22 x 36 Arch       25 x 15           22 x 10
                                                                                                     22 x 11
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