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RegaLead brings European

                              design influence to the

                              North American market

                             Combining unique design with proven performance is key to RegaLead’s
                             success around the world as a leading supplier of decorative glass for
                             steel, fibreglass and PVC door markets.

                             RegaLead has been at the forefront of the decorative glass market in the
                             UK for over three decades and has built a network of customers and
                             dealers around the world with over 80 countries now having RegaLead
                             representation.  For the North American market, we have developed a
                             range of decorative door lites that brings something a little different to
                             the market, whilst surpassing the requirements of local codes for
                             insulated glass quality, thermal performance and security.

                             The 2020 Decorative Glass Collection has products to suit all tastes and
                             styles of home, ranging from the very traditional Dorchester leaded
                             glass, through to the show-stopping contemporary designs of Modena
                             and Murano which combine beautifully modern fused glass elements.
                             The range may be inspired by our European
                             offering, but it is tailored to the requirements
                             of North American manufacturers and the
                             whole range of decorative glass is available
                             in a wide range of sizes designed to suit the
                             unique requirements of the market.             Low-E

                             RegaLead are proud and active members of the leading Industry
                             bodies in both the UK and North America and comply with all local
                             code requirements and quality standards.

                                                                          EMS 592269    FM54195

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