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                     About Us                                          Design Excellence

                     Door Com Products is a division of Wintek         Following our philosophy of only supplying the
                     Industries Inc. During the past 15 years, Door Com  highest quality products, we have developed with
                     Products has become the pre-eminent supplier of   selected partners, a range of decorative glass that
                     components for the manufacture of pre-hung        is not only visually stunning but technically leads
                     doors in the fenestration industry. We have been  the market. The products in this catalogue are
                     able to show our pre-hanger customers the         designed to suit multiple tastes and budgets
                     benefits of dealing with a ‘just-in-time supplier’   ranging from the more traditional ranges of the
                     who has a fully stocked distribution facility.    New Orleans and Chicago Ave to the European
                                                                       inspired designs of the Retro and Tahoe.
                     Door Com Products has today developed an
                     unsurpassed reputation as a leader in the         Industry Leading Performance
                     fenestration industry, and continues to be a pioneer
                     in developing new products & services. The key to  Glass is the key aesthetic in any door system and
                     Door Com Product's success has been our ability to  great doors need great glass. With our latest
                     understand the needs of our customers and to      collection of decorative and textures we have not
                     thereby introduce innovative and necessary        only developed a range that looks great it also
                     products to the industry.                         performs great. All our glass is manufactured into
                                                                       insulated glass units that make use of the latest
                     Door Com Products focuses on providing supply     glazing technologies with Low E glass, Warm Edge
                     chain excellence for all our customers and the    Spacer systems and are filled with Argon gas to
                     markets we serve. Our global contacts in the      ensure the best thermal efficiency.
                     purchase of raw materials has been beneficial in
                     giving our customers consistent, quality products,
                     on time and at competitive prices. Our goal is to
                     achieve operational excellence in all aspects of
                     procurement, manufacturing, supply, and customer
                     order fulfillment. We do this through the use of new
                     technologies, a dedicated and talented workforce,
                     and a commitment to the principles of continuous
                     improvement. Door Com Products continuously
                     strives to offer innovative, quality products at a level
                     of service excellence unsurpassed in our industry.

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